Friends of Hi-on Maiden - The Official Iron Maiden Tribute Band:
Iron Maiden - The real ones!
Clive Aid - Raising awareness and funds for Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) programs around the world.
The Worldonfire - New album coming out soon! Nicko McBrain Jnr's other band.
Jonno Lodge : Session Drummer Jonno Lodge - Talented young session drummer, teacher and clinician.
Iron Matthew's Iron Maiden Lyrics & Discography Maiden Lyrics - Iron Matthew's fantastic Iron Maiden lyrics site. All the lyrics from all the albums and singles!
Lauren Harris - Official MySpace page.
Selectadrive Car and Van Hire Selectadrive - Unbeatable rates on car and van hire! Contact Denise for more information. Also incorporating Hi-Tech Autocare
The Fallen - Awesome rock covers band from Cambridgeshire.
Dirty DC - Arguably the definitive AD/DC tribute band.
Danny Sambuca - Incrediblly talented photographer from Huntingdon.

Things we couldn't live without:
Fender Guitars Fender - We hear they make guitars.
Jackson Guitars Jackson Guitars - Keep your eyes peeled for the new Adrian Smith signature models coming soon!
Marshall Amplification - We like 'em LOUD!
Warmoth guitar parts - Excellent quality replacement necks, bodies and hardware.
Ampeg - They're big, they're heavy, they sound like the end of the world! Shure - Making Bruce Dugginson even louder, if not taller.
Premier Percussion - You can hit them hard.
Paiste Cymbals - Swiss manufacturer and designer, one of the world's largest manufacturers of cymbals, gongs, and metal percussion. Castle Cases - Protect your tackle! Excellent quality and service.
BANDPASSES.COM Band - Ever wondered where we get those spangly passes?
Stringbusters - Actually, they don't bust 'em, we do.
Jägermeister Jägermeister - Hi-on Maiden's new sponsor....WE WISH!!
Tribute Ale Tribute Ale - Like an angel crying on your tongue.
Pink Floyd - Richard Wright R.I.P.
Rojo's Roastery Rojo's Roastery - Mr. Swift highly recommends a 24oz. 'Red Eye' or a good dose of 'Midwives Moonshine'. - When it HAS to fit like a glove!
Google soft tits - Erm, exactly what it says on the tin.
Marmite - Man's greatest creation!
Guinness - Fuelling Dave Hurry for many a year!
YMCA - It's fun to stay at the... It's a complete fabric of lies!


Hi-on Maiden - The Official Iron Maiden Tribute Band